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Since 2000, Abyssinian Development Corporation has delivered high-quality housing counseling through its Harlem Economic Literacy Program (H.E.L.P.), one of the only programs in Harlem that is effectively meeting the needs of the community through its unique offering of pre-purchase education, post-purchase education and ongoing individual counseling. ADC is a trusted resource for homeowners who are in need of sound financial advice and support. Home-ownership is the most effective method to assists families in building assets, moving up the economic ladder and providing greater stability for their children. It continues to be a major driving force in the health of communities like Harlem and across the nation.

ADC employs both group workshops and individual counseling as methods to prepare NYC residents for home-ownership. We anticipate that participants receiving H.E.L.P. education and counseling services will experience an increased knowledge of the importance of building assets while boosting income as an innovative approach to greater self sufficiency. The true impact of H.E.L.P. will be seen when community participants remain self sufficient and build wealth through savings and home-ownership, allowing them to play a significant role in the economic improvement of Harlem. 

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we will reschedule sessions at a later date. This decision is made to support the overall health and wellness of the community. Please stay tuned and stay safe.

Enrollment Eligibility

Services are available to all NYC residents, but are targeted to those with low or low-moderate incomes. Registration fee is $35.00 per person. Workshops are held from 6 pm to 9 pm. 

This is a two- part workshop. 

You must take both parts of the workshop to receive a 

Certificate of Completion.

Read more about H.E.L.P.  Contact us to apply.  DOWNLOAD THIS REGISTRATION FORM AND MAIL IT IN.!

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